TRU LIVING kind of created itself. My three year old son, Truman, was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive form of cancer. We went from what we were told was pink eye to cancer all within a couple of days. One can only imagine how our lives instantly changed. Feeling absolutely heartbroken and out of control, I started to take a step back each day, where I watched this tiny little boy tackle something way beyond us. I realized that my son had this increased vitality regardless of what he had to endure. His positive outlook, not to mention his strength and courage, completely changed me as a person.

After Truman started his journey, it hit me- I want to live like Truman; I want to TRUly live!! I want to inspire others and LIVE inspired!! I want to live my best life through my health, through my relationships, through my growing faith in a higher power, and to TRUly live with the focus that there will always be hard times but it’s how you chose to live through those moments that matter!!

Truman has helped me find my own inner peace as well as fueled my outer purpose in life. I find it so ironic that the one thing I have always feared would ruin me is the one thing that changed me. By cancer first breaking me down, I learned that I can break open and blossom instead. There’s no way six months ago I could have ever believed myself when I say that cancer gave me inspiration and motivation. Throughout my most broken moments, crumbling on my knees, I have been humbled. I decided to pull the broken pieces of my heart back together where I discovered a clearer sense of purpose and a new passion for life.

There is always a silver lining. Cancer has given me the opportunity to slow down. I was living in a world where everything should have been done yesterday. Sometimes we are too focused on getting to the next thing without appreciating the current moment. With this, we live in a community that rallied around us and showed up when they didn’t have to. We have been beyond blessed by people’s extreme generosity which continues to show me that human kindness truly exist. This is where if I can’t ever pay it back my heart wants to continue to always pay it forward. We can’t thank you enough for not just supporting TRU LIVING but for supporting the TRU warriors fighting this horrific disease.